A comprehensive solution for managing AV installations, accompanied by dedicated hardware. With Toucan Nest, you can remotely control the content and multimedia devices of any interactive exhibition.


Take control of all multimedia applications of your exhibition by:

Planning the script of the displayed content,

Assigning presentations to individual multimedia devices,

Creating statistics and reports based on interactive applications.


Manage all the audio-visual equipment remotely, and:

Play media content (videos, photos, apps) on multiple screens at the same time,

Control individual stands, hardware groups, or the entire exhibition,

Enjoy effortless integration with other devices.


Papaya Player

Uncompromising performance: support of 3 screens and Virtual Reality, 4K video playback.

Mango Player

Full use of the functionalities of classic stands: support of 2 screens, Full HD video playback.

Papaya Player

3D applications, Full HD video playback – enormous capacity and extremely small size of the player.


It saves time

Remote control of stands and management of the entire AV installation from one place makes maintenance fast and effortless.

It reduces costs

It takes only one Toucan Nest system to fully manage all interactive stands. No extra costs are charged for additional solutions.

It has short implementation time

The solution is compatible with the AV standard infrastructure: monitors, projectors and audio systems, which makes the implementation process incredibly smooth.

It is easy to operate

The maintenance of the system does not require specialist technical knowledge. All you need to easily and fully use all the features is access to a web browser.

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