What can you do with Toucan Nest?



The solution consists of 7 modules that allow users to conduct comprehensive, efficient maintenance of the entire installation – consisting of up to 1,000 devices! Explore all the possibilities of Toucan Nest!

Schedule management module

You can plan the exhibition schedule, i.e. scenario of the displayed presentations for the entire multimedia system. With the module you can define the date of presentation release, its duration and order of the content display.

Reporting and statistics module

It is responsible for creating statistics and reports connected with the operations in the system. The module provides statistics of individual players (including possible errors in content playback), reports on the number of users' interactions, number of installed applications or the number of active applications.

Content repository module

This complex tool allows users to manage all files used in the multimedia system. It is responsible for processing, storing, and providing access to the file database. With this module, you can browse the file directory, add/remove multimedia files, and create dedicated folders. Other functionalities include managing presentation versions and creating backups.

Players control module

The module communicates with display devices (players) and is responsible for transmitting and performing content display operations. In this module, you can add new player settings to the system, as well as view the current mode of the player and the displayed presentation. The module allows you to remotely download content to play and manage lists of presentations on individual players.

Monitoring and alerting module

It provides continuous monitoring of the main technical parameters of the entire system for the purpose of detection and remote diagnosis of possible problems. The system monitors the status of network connections, the status of the device and the playback status on particular devices – if necessary, it notifies the administrator of possible malfunctions.

User management module

Allows you to add, remove, and configure users' access rights. For each user, you can set up an individual access level for each function of the system.

External integration module

It enables full integration with external systems (e.g. AV/DMX) in terms of control and checking the operation status of the devices.

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